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Food Tasting Request 

Thank you for joining us for an upcoming Food Tasting!

  • Contact us at 651.426.1300 for the dates of our next tasting events. 
  • Below is the food tasting form for you to complete and send back to us.
  • Please submit this form at least a week before the date of the Food Tasting that you are attending.
  • We request that you limit your group to no more than six guests. First two guests are free, $10.00 for each additional guest.
  • Below is the area to fill out the items you would like to taste.
  • Please reference our menu items listed on our website.
  • We bring cake to every tasting, the flavor is random and will only be specific is you have spoken with us about a flavor we are making for your wedding.

We look forward to seeing you at the tasting!

Tracie & Toni
Vincenzo Catering

About Your Event

Location of Tasting Event:
Preferred Date of Tasting:
Number of guests for tasting:
Location of your event:
Date of your event:

Main Entrees

Please pick up to three entrees.

Any market price items need to be discussed with us before choosing. 

Entree #1:
Entree #2:
Entree #3:

Potato Choices

We make all of our potatoes from scratch. 

We do not bring the following types of potatoes to food tastings:

  • Mashed
  • Au Gratin
  • Scalloped

Please choose up to TWO potato choices

Potato #1:
Potato #2:

Hot Vegetables

We do not bring hot vegetables to the food tasting whereas we would like to highlight the main points of the meal.

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